Going Home

On October 21st 2022 we received the news that my Mother, Patricia Keith had gone on to be with Jesus.

Patty Jane Keith
( 1939 + 2022 = FOREVER )

The News was sudden and unexpected but before I could fully fall into any lengthy session of grief and sadness, I was divinely comforted by my Faith in Jesus Christ and His promises of an eternal life, for all those who Trust in Him for it.
{ John 5:24 }

My Mother trusted in those promises

And those promises by His word, are fulfilled simultaneously as we leave here through death. A Death Jesus defeated for us on the cross and by His resurrection from the dead. Our last breath here on earth is our first breath there in eternity for all whose Faith is in Him.
{ 2 Corinthians 5:8 }

Since I knew my Mother had long before made Jesus her Lord and Savior and trusted in Him for her salvation, how could I be anything but happy for her to go on to her new home?
{ John 14:2 }

When we put our Faith in it's proper perspective according to the scriptures, it means that in death my Mother had just experienced the greatest gift of love any of us can ever receive.

An Eternity with Jesus!

- - - - - -

As I reflected on my my Mother's life based on my own memories up to the age of five and later being abe to learn more by her own accounts, after we were miraculously reunited over thirty one years later, something amazing had occurred to me.

My Mother lived a Biblical life!

The Bible it is not book of stories about perfect people who did everything right. It's about God's love from beginning to end and full of His constant pursuit to search out and save imperfect people who have fallen away and found themselves separated from His will for their lives.

Dysfunctional families and broken people who often cried out to Him for help. It chronicles many lives that struggled to return to Him or find His will for their life and to make a choice to keep it once they found it.

Moreover, it is a collection of books that reveal God's "UNSTOPPABLE" love and will to reach and redeem us all back to Himself by way of His "UNCONDITIONAL" love for us through Jesus Christ!
To Reach and Restore us, to Redeem and bring Peace and Contentment to all those who were lost and suffered great loss in their earthly time here.
{ Luke 19:10 } { 2 Peter 3:9 }

My Mother experienced many of these same turbulent events in her life. Including Restoration and Redemption.

- - - - - -

So, while her burdens here were heavy and her heart was broken time and time again as her life seemed to be, at times a constant struggle of failures and hardships, the Lord never gave up on her.

Once she was able to see that she needed a savior not only for the next life but the one she was still living in, she turned to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

While her troubles and hardships may not have seemed to have stopped as she struggled to raise two more children from yet another failed marriage, she was now armed with a NEW HEART, a "Heart of God". Having received and identified God's love for her, despite her life's shortcomings, she was now able to use His love for her, to live THROUGH the storms of life, if not out of them.

She began loving others she came in touch with, more than seeking their love for her sand became what I would describe as a Superstar Care Giver!

Caring for countless people of all faiths, cultures and race in need and even many who were in the final days of their lives. She no doubt shared her comforter, Jesus Christ with them to help them find that same peace she had that surpasses all understanding.
{ Philippians 4:7 }

- - - - - -

Now we all have heard the cliche's and sayings of heartfelt comfort that friends and family often use in a time of grief. Such as "they are in a better place now" or "they don't have to suffer any more". But do we actually spend the personal time beforehand to realize where exactly that is and how we can be sure we can get there?

The comfort of knowing my Mother knew the way there, far outweighs any emotional tears of sadness and grief I could go through knowing I will not be able to see or talk to her here, again.

Seriously, why do we have such a dark and dismal mindset about death, IF we and our loved ones know the way? Sure there's a sadness in losing a loved one, but where did we lose them to?

Why is it that we don't concern ourselves more with the other side of life ( if we believe there is one ) since it's foregone conclusion that everyone dies ?
{ 2 Corinthians 6:2 }

Maybe it's because we just don't know or are not 100% sure where or what will happen when that day comes for us? God's will in this manner is clear, His desire IS for us to KNOW. To know now, here while we yet live where we will spend eternity.
{ Acts 16:31 }

As for looking forward to that day instead of fearing it, the Bible says that God longs to be with us MORE than we desire to be with Him!So, why would we not want to do the same?

Of course the Bible ALSO teaches that we ALL will live on in eternity but only those whose name is written in the Lamb's Book Of Life will enter in to an eternity with God. Those whose name is not in the book will have to spend an eternity in a place of desolation and apart from God and those who trusted Jesus as their savior, forever.

A place that was created for the devil and his angels and for those who have not trusted, or rejected the Love of God, Jesus Christ while yet on this earth.
{ Matthew 25:41 }

While the Love of God IS "Unstoppable" it can only save us from an eternal hell if we receive it by way of trustung in the finished work of Jesus!
{ John 3:16 }

My Mother did just that and so now has an eternity to live in Glory with the creator of all things, her savior Jesus the Christ and His saints.
{ John 1:3 }

- - - - - -

My Mother's turbulent life here, may have ended but a legacy she started and leaves behind is one of an enduring love. A Love that like God's is too vast to number. My life and the life of my initial siblings, despite her failed marriage went on to marry, have children and in my case, ten precious grandchildren that I gladly count as blessings nearly every day of my life.

Think it not strange that even out of chaos and failure, God's love can turn lives completely around and bless them despite what the devil had done. He did it for me and my marriage and He can do it for you too.
{ Genesis 5:20 }

Have you experienced the personal love of God through asking Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you yet?

We all need a savior and being good and attending Church will not save us because it cannot wash away the curse of son that we have all been born with, let alone the ones we have gone on to practice since.
{ Psalms 51:5 / Ephesians 2:8 }

Don't wait another moment...you can be sure of your eternal destination by simply Trusting In The Lord and taking Him at His word?

- - - - - -

( just 10 of an unknown number of My Mother's Great Grandchildren )

It's as simple as making up your mind to the realization that like everyone else, we were all born in sin and separated from God.  That none of us are perfect or without faults and that without receiving God's love, Jesus Christ here and in this life we are all lost and without hope.
But that we do not have to live in doubt, fearing death but obtain complete forgiveness and salvation by trusting in the scriptures that through Jesus, God fulfilled his promise to redeem mankind from their sins.

No religion, church attendance or good behavior can remove our sin debt or provide a way back to God. The Bible tells us that Jesus alone paid our that debt in full and that there is "No Other Way" to escape and eternal hell.
{ Acts 4:12 } { 1 Timothy 2:5 }
{ Romans 3:10 + 1 Corinthians 15:3,4 + Romans 8:1 }

So, don't postphone your decision to receive God's redemptive promise by trusting anything or anyone else to comfort you concerning your life after death.
Place your trust in God's Love and His desire to save you for all eternity today, by putting your faith in Jesus Christ. And know now, with certainty, that you will live in eternity with Him and loved ones who have gone before us in Christ.
{ John 11:25-26 + Joshua 24:15 }

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

"God's Salvation Promise"

You can receive the FREE Gift of Salvation { Romans 6:23 } TODAY by agreeing with and accepting the scriptural prescription for salvation found in:
Romans 10:9-10
( it really is that simple )

0r...agreeing aloud, with the following salvation prayer:

Believing In Your Heart:
Lord Jesus, I know that without you I'm lost and on my way to Hell. But I don't want to die and go to hell. Come into my life this moment and forgive me of my sins. Take me as I am, with all my faults and all my hangups and show me what you want me to be and I'll live the rest of my life for you.

Confessing With My Mouth:
"Today I have made Jesus my Lord and Savior. Today I placed all my trust in an eternity with God the Father through Jesus Chirst. Amen"!

- - - - - -

If you prayed the above prayer or agreed with and acted on Romans 10:9-10 then, you are in the number of countless people* who have secured their eternity with God in Christ by way of reaching and accepting the simple truth that only Jesus saved us from our sins.

- - - - - -

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