My Brother Bobby
Passes Away

Robert Allen Molek
( 1960 - 2023 )

…on this day My Brother’s Children, our Dad, Friends and Family all lost a very strong pillar in their lives. Though I was well aware and blessed to have had the Lord allow me to recently reconnect with him just a few months ago, it still drops you to your knees to get the news that anyone you care about has left this world.

We had such a short childhood together when separated after my Dad remarried (my siblings all moved away from me and my Grandparents), it is just going to be hard for me to get over the fact that I could have done so much more to keep “Bobby” (and my other siblings) in my life.

He went on to Serve our country in the Marine Corp. marry , joined the Cleveland Police Department and have three great children. Even though we seldom talked or saw one another I was always so proud of him and the life he was living.

He also had the biggest heart I ever saw and everyone that came in contact with him knew that from the jump.

Not only was his military career ripe with service overseas as well as during the Beirut, Lebanon conflict but he was also a decorated Police Officer and was recognized by multiple awards during his tenure there.

I always thought of him as thee “Alpha Male” of our family ( much like my dad was in his ), though as the older brother I would never let him know I knew that. (smile)

He was the John Wayne of our family that’s for sure!

So, sadly, aside from a few recent phone and texting conversations most recently I will now have to wait until I get to where my hope is, he is. With the Lord Jesus Christ feeling no pain, no more, forevermore!

A Hard but Free Tip to all: “Do Not let time and excuses deter you from fellowship with Family or Friends” There will always be what seems like, a good reason standing in the way, but as you may have guessed I can now emphatically say, push past it and make the time with them, happen.

May the Lord God our Father bless all of “Bobby’s” family and friends with the comfort they need to move forward from what will no doubt be a very big hole left in their lives. In Jesus Name, Amen.

- - - - - -

It's as simple as realizing that like everyone else, we were all born in sin, shaped in inequity and separated from God.  That none of us are perfect or without faults and that without receiving God's love, Jesus Christ here and in this life BEFORE we pass away, we are all lost and without hope of escaping an eternity without God in a fiery hell made for the devil and his angels.

But that we do not have to live in that doubt, fearing death but receive the blessed assurance that we CAN be saved and obtain complete forgiveness and salvation by trusting in the scriptures that through Jesus, God fulfilled His promise to redeem mankind from their sins.

No religion, church attendance or good works can remove our sin debt or provide a way back to God. The Bible tells us that Jesus alone paid our that debt in full and that there is "No Other Way" to escape and eternal hell.

{ Acts 4:12 } { 1 Timothy 2:5 }
{ Romans 3:10 + 1 Corinthians 15:3,4 + Romans 8:1 }

So, don't postphone your decision to receive God's redemptive promise by trusting anything or anyone else to comfort you concerning your life after death.

Place your trust in God's Love and His desire to save you for all eternity today, by putting your faith in Jesus Christ. And know now, with certainty, that you will live in eternity with Him and loved ones who have gone before us in Christ.

{ John 11:25-26 + Joshua 24:15 }

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

"God's Salvation Promise"

You can receive the FREE Gift of Salvation { Romans 6:23 } TODAY by agreeing with and accepting the scriptural prescription for salvation found in:
Romans 10:9-10
( it really is that simple )

0r...agreeing aloud, with the following salvation prayer:

Believing In Your Heart:
Lord Jesus, I know that without you I'm lost and on my way to Hell. But I don't want to die and go to hell. Come into my life this moment and forgive me of my sins. Take me as I am, with all my faults and all my hangups and show me what you want me to be and I'll live the rest of my life for you.

Confessing With Your Mouth:
"Today I have made Jesus my Lord and Savior. Today I placed all my trust in an eternity with God the Father through Jesus Chirst. Amen"!

- - - - - -

If you prayed the above prayer or agreed with and acted on Romans 10:9-10 then, you are in the number of countless people* who have secured their eternity with God in Christ by way of reaching and accepting the simple truth that only Jesus* can save us from our sins.
*{ Revelation 7:9 } *{ Acts 4:12 }

- - - - - -

My Brother's Obituary

Below is a poignant music Tribute to not only my Brother's life in a nutshell as far as his suffering went but also my heart's hope that he (and all of us)indeed made/make our peace with God by Accepting Jesus before we pass from this life.