bible study

Your place, my place or at a public location of your choice...

I will give you ( or a small group ) a very simple overview of What the Bible is and/or Isn't and How we can best open it up to our minds and hearts.

To increase, not only our Faith in God through Our Lord, Jesus the Christ but our personal knowledge of who God is and what His intentions for mankind are.

My visit is very casual, non religious and is non-denominational so everyone/anyone can easily sit through the session and/or ask any questions you may have concerning the Bible and how it is perceived most today, in our generation.

Contact me below to plan a visit together so we can share what we can know about our Heavenly Creator, today!

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Bernard "PAPPY" Molek

* Mobile Bible Studies, Used Bikes, Hand-Painted Pinstriping & Lettering
and/or Graphic Artwork of Any Kind.